Schaffner Group first-half results 2009/10

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Schaffner Group first-half results 2009/10

Net sales CHF 84.6 million; EBIT CHF 5.6 million; net profit CHF 3.8 million

In the first half of fiscal 2009/10, the Schaffner Group posted net sales of CHF 84.6 million (previous year: CHF 71.9 million). The operating result improved to CHF 5.6 million (CHF -7.1 million), the EBIT margin climbed to 6.6% and net profit increased to CHF 3.8 million (CHF -8.8 million). This corresponds to CHF 5.94 (CHF -14.68) per share (EPS). The positive first-half result in 2009/10 is a result of efficiency measures implemented in the previous year and the considerable increase in sales.

The Schaffer Group will publish detailed information on the first-half results for fiscal 2009/10 on Wednesday May 12, 2010.

Luterbach, May 5, 2010

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