Schaffner Holding AG – Investors' Day 2014

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Schaffner Holding AG – Investors' Day 2014

At the Investors' Day 2014 of the Schaffner Group Alexander Hagemann, Chief Executive Officer, Kurt Ledermann, Chief Financial Officer, Guido Schlegelmilch, EMC division, Günther Werkmeister, Automotive division, and Stefan Melly, Power Quality business unit, will give an update on the implementation of the Schaffner Group's strategy. They will also talk about trends in the Group's strategic core markets and the potential of EMC, power magnetics and power quality.

Schaffner enjoys a unique strategic position as the premier supplier of filter solutions for power electronics, a market which offers long-term growth driven by the megatrends of energy efficiency, renewable energy and urbanization. Schaffner has established a successful business in the area of power magnetics with a combination of acquisitions and organic growth. Being strong in Asia after years of strategic investment, Schaffner management now expects to accelerate growth in North America, a region which the group sees as offering a high potential in its targeted markets. As all divisions contribute to profitability, and as Schaffner has created value in nine of the past ten years, the group has a strong foundation for further implementation of its growth oriented strategy.

The presentation for the Investors' Day 2014 is available at the following link:

Luterbach, 12 June 2014


9 December 2014

Publication of Annual Report 2013/14 (full-year results)

15 January 2015

19th Annual General Meeting

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